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Cutting the Right Deal with a Services Vendor


When you buy a car, it’s your job as a buyer to get the most amount of car for the least amount of cash.

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What Selling Cemetery Plots Taught Me About RCM

Before I started making sales pitches to CFOs, Directors, and VPs on why I think they should make VARO Healthcare an extension of their business office, I was making sales pitches to regular people (all jobs aside) - in their homes. And guess what I was selling? I was selling cemetery plots. Yep. But, it was BEFORE death. Awkward. Cold-calling daily and making appointments with people in their homes to convince them to pre-plan their funeral expenses. I’d go through an entire presentation all the while trying to evoke some sort of emotion about how much better it is to pre-plan rather than put your family through the hassle of dealing with it after they die. Weird, I know. It’s difficult to persuade people to believe in what you’re selling, even though YOU believe in it, “yes, you should spend XYZ now to pre-plan so your family won’t have to later”.

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Tone at the Top and its Relationship to Change Management

“Tone at the top”

Tone at the top is accounting language that was developed to evaluate and address the business ethics of an organization.  It’s smart language because when something bad happens inside an organization, the definition differentiates the actions of a rogue employee vs. the modus operandi of an organization’s leaders.  

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