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The Reality of In-House Patient Collections

Patient Collections: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

From the smallest medical offices to the largest hospitals – they all have one thing in common: patient collections. Every practice and hospital must find the most effective way to handle their patient collections. At some point you’re going to consider whether keeping your patient collections services in house is the best option. There are many benefits to outsourcing this necessity, and VARO Healthcare can ensure you reap those benefits in your business.

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Your Next Step: Prioritizing Revenue Cycle Management Initiatives

Crazy times in the world of revenue cycle management. Based on everything you see, hear, and read: revenue cycle management teams have their hands full with a ‘to do’ list that runs the gamut on areas of concern – system conversions, new systems, new processes, new laws, new regulations, new financials, change management, and a ton of uncertainty.  How to prioritize the work, how to parse out the work, and how to execute change has a lot of Revenue Cycle Management teams really stressed out.   

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3 Ways Steve Jobs Helped Redefine the Patient Experience

The days when patients went to the doctor’s office with very little knowledge and some semblance of understanding regarding their particular ailment, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment are loooong gone; everything the doctors said (or didn’t say) was once regarded as just the way it was and had to be. When patients left that 15-minute doctor’s visit they were armed only with the information and options that their doctor provided to them. For the doctors, the only real-time information they could provide was by drawing from what they knew from experience and then simply telling their patients that once the tests results came back, they’d be contacted.

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