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6 Ways to Provide Superior Patient Financial Services

Let’s face it, collecting patient payment can be difficult Sometimes, it can be a long, drawn out, and even uncomfortable process. But, there are steps you can take to significantly smooth and simplify the patient collection process. And we’ve put together some of the big wins.

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The Walmart of Healthcare

One of the biggest legal changes to the United States health care system that will have a major impact on healthcare providers is the Federal Government’s new Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program. Regardless if you are the manager at a large hospital system, an administrator at a smaller outpatient treatment facility or a doctor that treats Medicare patients; it is important to understand that the government wants to pay medical providers according to health outcomes of patients. This change presents a huge shift in current US healthcare policy where providers were traditionally paid for their services - regardless of patient health outcomes. This new hospital-based pay-for-performance system officially began in October 2012 and will be one of Medicare’s largest improvement campaigns.

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It Ain't Easy Being Awesome: Pursuing Excellence in Customer Service

Patient Satisfaction is a real hot topic in the healthcare industry these days. For obvious reasons, keeping patients satisfied has always been a top priority for healthcare providers. However, in addition to the already known risks of earning a bad reputation or losing patients to competitors, there's now the added risk of hazards like reduced reimbursement rates. 

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