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Estimating the Cost of Care

As parts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act begin to roll out, it's important for healthcare providers to understand that healthcare in the United States is becoming increasingly driven by performance. I've said this before in previous blog posts, but it's something that needs to be overstated. Although giving out both incentives and penalties for the quality of care that institutions provide is still a relatively new cost model; this is our future and healthcare organizations must be prepared for this new reality - which I'm sure most of you reading this agree you already are (at least, I hope!). How exactly will healthcare organizations be able to estimate the cost of care based on the value they deliver versus the quantity they provide? This is one of the most pressing questions boggling the minds of many healthcare executives, particularly those who work in the finance and accounting departments of these organizations.

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5 Ways to Save Money (and your Honey) on Valentine's Day

Financial Woes

According to some finance analysts, Valentine’s Day is the number two holiday after Christmas that leaves retailers smiling all the way to the bank and customers crying foul because they spend a lot of cash trying to impress their loved ones - the flowers, personalized gifts, dinner, candy, chocolate and rings for those who propose on this day. While it is perfectly alright to treat your lover dearly on this day, it is also wise to do it in a way that leaves both of you happy even after the romance dies out. We are going to look at some causes and sources of financial turmoil on Valentine’s and how to avoid them. It is also good for you to have some tips on saving your finances on this special day.

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