5 Ways to Save Money (and your Honey) on Valentine's Day

Financial Woes

Money HeartAccording to some finance analysts, Valentine’s Day is the number two holiday after Christmas that leaves retailers smiling all the way to the bank and customers crying foul because they spend a lot of cash trying to impress their loved ones - the flowers, personalized gifts, dinner, candy, chocolate and rings for those who propose on this day. While it is perfectly alright to treat your lover dearly on this day, it is also wise to do it in a way that leaves both of you happy even after the romance dies out. We are going to look at some causes and sources of financial turmoil on Valentine’s and how to avoid them. It is also good for you to have some tips on saving your finances on this special day.

So you wanna buy flowers, but do they have to be red roses?

You are probably thinking “but red is the color of Valentine’s Day” and yes you are right, but have you ever considered that your partner may actually loathe the color or might even prefer some other flowers other than roses? Roses come in a variety of colors so if her favorite color is pink or yellow make a point of getting roses of that color. They are probably going to be cheaper than the red ones because everyone else will be going for the red ones. It would also be a great surprise for you to buy her actual favorite flowers like lavender or carnations instead. These will reduce your spending and yet still keep romance in the air.

Do you have to buy gifts from gift shops?

Your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t state exactly where you must get their gifts except of course when you are in a jewelry store and they go crazy about a bracelet or some earrings then go ahead and hint that you should get them those for Valentine’s. The point is - you could pick gifts from your family treasures, you know those rings, necklaces and earrings that your great grandmother got from her grandmother and passed on to your mother? You could ask your mother to let her have one of them and save lots of cash. Another great option would be to create something special for your lover by yourself and this is actually more likely to be taken in more warmly than expensive diamond earrings (well not really the perfect example). Look for beads and create a bracelet with her name on it or even make pottery in the shape of her body and give it to her. If you are the lady you could also get a vintage watch from your dad and give it to him.

Have dinner at a restaurant or at home?

So guys – she cooks for you every night anyway, right? (Or who knows, maybe YOU cook for HER every night?) Why not try and make a special dinner for him or her on Valentine’s Day. This could be really fun learning how to make some simple yet exquisite cuisines. Hey, you could even do this together to make it even more romantic. You could also buy a recipe book and select something that you could pull off. Ensure the table setting and the general ambience is romantic. Do a little more than the usual like borrowing a theme from one of her or his favorite restaurants. I would fall over if my fiancé made me a nice, romantic dinner (and I’m not talking about throwing a DiGiornio in the oven!) The dinner at home will leave your finance department intact and still get you and your partner on cloud nine.

Too much candy and chocolate will make her gain a few extra pounds

Let’s be honest, if my future hubby bought me a big box of chocolates, I wouldn’t hate it. I LOVE chocolates. However, this year, I’m getting married so I don’t want to eat too much junk. Some women are sensitive when getting chocolate or candy for this same reason – fear of gaining weight. Maybe something in the middle – chocolate covered strawberries, cherries, etc are always a romantic, fun idea… and let’s face it, we don’t feel AS bad eating it because there’s some fruit in there! The whole idea is to balance stuff so that you don’t overspend and yet enjoy the day.

Fun and finance-friendly Valentine’s Day Activities 

There are other activities that will also ensure you and your partner enjoys a romantic day without necessarily digging very deep into your pockets. Here are some:

  • Couples massage – or give each other a massage at home!!!
  • Do a mixed CD of his/her favorite songs as a gift – with technology now, even making a special play list for you iPod is cute
  • Create a photo book of your best moments – finally get ALL those pictures off your computer and smart phone and organize them in an album for him or her
  • Travel to some fun yet inexpensive place – take a quick getaway to a local ski resort – this doesn’t mean you have to be a skier, some of these places have spas, pools, activities and everything is in one location and it feels like you went on a vacation

You've only got a few days left, so go get your creative on!

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