Employee Scorecards for Revenue Cycle Management

In my last blog Revenue Cycle Management, Way Downstream I said employee scorecards are a great tool to use within a revenue cycle management strategy. I wrote this blog to pass along tips and techniques for setting up and administering employee scorecards. Click here to download a sample Employee Scrorecard template. 

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Revenue Cycle Management, Way Downstream

Two of the companies within my organization -- VARO Healthcare and BYL Collection Services -- service patient pay accounts receivable and patient pay bad debt.

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Your Next Step: Prioritizing Revenue Cycle Management Initiatives

Crazy times in the world of revenue cycle management. Based on everything you see, hear, and read: revenue cycle management teams have their hands full with a ‘to do’ list that runs the gamut on areas of concern – system conversions, new systems, new processes, new laws, new regulations, new financials, change management, and a ton of uncertainty.  How to prioritize the work, how to parse out the work, and how to execute change has a lot of Revenue Cycle Management teams really stressed out.   

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How to Lower Costs and Increase Healthcare Revenue with BPO

Business Process Outsourcing

If you’re interested in business process outsourcing (BPO) and wondering how much you can increase revenue by doing so, take a look at the key advantages that experienced BPO companies offer. If you need to convince your company management to approve the idea of outsourcing, just present a spreadsheet outlining the costs of doing all of the below activities in-house: (or grab a copy of our Cost Savings template): 

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Finding the Blur Between Vendor and Client: Outsourcing 101

So when you outsource, what are you really buying?

In a past career I needed to develop a better revenue forecasting and goal model for a centralized recovery operation (I oversaw the Agency Management arm of that recovery operation). What I wanted was a model that could accurately forecast gross and net revenues, account for multiple product lines, quickly roll-up numbers (product line, division, corporate) and drill down on numbers (vendor, batch, month), and establish goals for vendors.

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Stop Chasing Fires: BSA for Revenue Cycle Management

Over the last twelve months I’ve had the real pleasure of sitting in on a number of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) presentations.  From my perspective, the presentations are always first class – knowledgeable and insightful speakers, relevant topics, and real solutions to real problems. It’s also easy to see that the events are consistently well attended and that the audiences are always highly engaged.

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